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COVID-19 – Solution

Personnel Tracking with Historical Record

COVID-19 Contact Tracer’ Platform to Prevent Infections Spread in Corporate Real Estate

The System Contact Tracer web application provides a report of the people that are likely infected based on indoor location data, using People and Asset movements at the facility logs. With the Contact Tracer hospital owners can reach out to their employees and visitors alike in order to recommend testing themselves. Fast, early identification can dramatically reduce the spread of a virus.



The Contact Tracing/Surge Response Deployment Kit includes Location Services platform and Workflow software delivering real-time data insights and intelligence that can help minimize the exposure

Empowered by low-cost sensors, allowing 100% tracking compliance.

With The New Solution Contact Trace you can:

  • Maintains a record of the movement of visitors and employees within buildings
  • In case any employee or visitor reports an infection, the app allows you to tag verified people at any point in time
  • The data model replays the visitor flow and simulates the likely spread of the virus by tracing back contact based on proximity and time taking the current WHO assumptions into account
  • The app traces location breadcrumbs and highlights spaces occupied and dwell time

How does The solution work?

Fast set up using real-time location hardware and secure cloud software that allows the solution to be up and running within few days or hours in some cases.

Visitors receive a unique visitor badge or a BLE-enabled lanyard beacon during registration and are obligated to wear it. Employees receive a unique badge holder beacon that is bundled with their existing ISO access cards, and are also obligated to wear it.

Monitor Patients & Staff using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Badges enabled credentials pre-provisioned to each staff member and patient

Create “Safe Zones” using geofences and send instant alerts when people move outside of designated areas

Access to real-time Audit Trail Analytics that includes location within defined zones and dwell time reports

Standalone connectivity using BLE over cellular network and IoT over Wi-Fi devices minimizes disruption of service.

Easy to set up. Simple to use.

Here is a quick glimpse of the hardware and software components that make it so easy to set up and incorporate into your business practices.

Beacon(BLE) Credential

SaaS based platform to manage beacon fleet, provisioning and real-time dashboards on movement and zones

IoT Gateway Scanner

SmartX HUB Health Workflow Software – Patient, staff reporting and analytics (HIPAA Compliant)

Mobile Application


COVID-19 Healthcare Solution with BLE Technology

We have designed a simplified and remote implementation process that enables hospitals and healthcare facilities to quickly take advantage of our SmartX HUB® Contact Trace Management solution.
This enables you to be fully operational on an accelerated schedule.


  • Intended for installation in locations such as the ICU and ED/ Trauma, with potential Out-of-bounds alerts;
  • Support services will be delivered remotely;
  • Estimated up to 2 weeks to deploy the Basic Tracking Module (*);
  • User training provided for Tag placement and mounting, and operation to include Tag attachment and Software Quick Training;
  • Requires Wi-Fi or Ethernet access to SmartX HUB® Healthcare Cloud Server;
  • Tags will be preconfigured by SmartX Healthcare team;
  • The customer needs to Provides the 2D floor plant and places where the Zones (Areas) will be tracked; and
  • Includes Subscription fees for the first year.

Hardware Set-up

1-2 Weeks

Sensor Gateway Network Setup

2-3 Days

System Implementation

2-3 Days to Set-up SmartX HUB
3-4 Days to Deploy Tags
2-3 Days of Training
3-5 Days for Go-Live support


* Urgent Projects can be implemented in 1 week

All product and pricing offerings are subject to a mutually-agreed quote and acceptance by SmartX of customer’s purchase order. SmartX reserves the right to set criteria for this promotion based on factors including, but not limited to, contractual terms and product availability. The offer period begins on April 1, 2020 and expires on June 30, 2020. Customer must submit a purchase order to SmartX no later than June 30, 2020. SmartX reserves the right to modify or cancel this offer at any time without notice. Offer valid for customers only in the United States, Brazil and other selected geographies.

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